• Improvement of Competencies in Three Aspects Would Be Vital in Creating A Cross-Straits E-Commerce Platform
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • At 10:00 Am on February 16, LIU Mingkang, the convener of Financial Industry Advancement Group (Mainland China) of Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit, and CHEN Siqing, the governor of Bank of China came to visit our company to carry out the field inspection of construction of the Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone in Kunshan. They were accompanied by leaders of Suzhou Municipality including ZHOU Weiqiang, and leaders of Kunshan Municipality including GUAN Aiguo, LU Jun, ZHANG Yulin, XIA Xiaoliang et al. On the part of our company, all of SHEN Liming, our chairman of the board, President YAO Qin, Vice President WANG Xiaojuan, and Vice President WANG Peifang were present on the site.

    During the visit, President YAO Qin made a report to these leaders on the exploratory efforts made by Feiliks in cooperation with Kunshan Government as to “how to create the cross-strait e-commerce platform, namely: centering on this objective to link the Kaohsiung port, Taicang port and Kunshan pilot zone together, and explore the new paths of cross-strait commodity circulation in Eastern China areas, and probe into how to provide the supply chain financial services. After he listened to the report, Mr. LIU Mingkang made the following recommendation for Feiliks: to create a cross-strait e-commerce platform, where it is vital to enhance the big data management capability, the system management capability as well as the data links between customs systems and taxation systems. As one of in-depth cooperation enterprises in the construction of the pilot zone, Feiliks assumes the important responsibility for pioneering, innovation and bold transformation.

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