• LI Xueyong, Deputy Provincial Party Secretary and Provincial Governor, Came to Our Company for Investigation
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • On the morning of January 7, Mr. LI Xueyong, the deputy provincial party secretary and provincial governor, came to visit Jiangsu Feiliks for investigation on business transformation and development, with the accompaniment of JIANG Hongkun, the member of the provincial CPC standing committee, and Suzhou municipal party secretary, ZHANG Jinghua, the Secretary General of Provincial Government, ZHOU Naixiang, Suzhou Mayor, GUAN Aiguo, the Kunshan municipal party secretary, LU Jun, Kunshan Mayor, as well as the Comrades responsible for related provincial government organs.

    In recent years, counting on its highly developed manufacturing industries to greatly develop its production service industries has become a key direction towards which the Kunshan Municipality shall advance the optimization and upgrading of its industrial structure. Secretary GUAN Aiguo introduced that as the primary leading import enterprise, Feiliks has gained full access to various links of IT industrial production and management, while a number of multinational corporations have outsourced such logistics services as raw material procurement and product sales to Feiliks in addition to their R&D workloads. After he listened to the introduction, Governor LI Xueyong indicated that there would great potentials in counting on manufacturing industries to develop production service industries, and this is just the remarkable transformation. Also, he wished that our company will take full advantage of our superiority in this regard to seek even greater development. Besides, he expected that all logistics enterprises will continue to seek advancement towards the high-end of value chain and increase their contributions while enhancing their core competitiveness.

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