• Messages from Foreign Media- Feiliks Works Together with Some 135 of World Top 500 Enterprises
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • 【Company Profile】Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 with a registered capital of CN¥167.1 million and was listed in 2011. At the present stage, Feiliks has become a modern comprehensive logistics service provider that focuses on the Integrated Supply Chain Management for IT Industry.

    【Transformation Achievements】 Recently, Feiliks has been approved in the Grade 5A rating and evaluation according to Logistics Enterprise Classification and Evaluation Indicators, which represents the highest grade at which any logistics enterprise can be rated. It also has become the only one Grade 5A comprehensive logistics enterprise in county-level cities throughout our country.

    Feiliks has been highly approved in its own industry as a result of its competitiveness acquired from its continuous innovation and breakthroughs made in the recent two decades. “The customer base of our company covers some 3,000 or more enterprises on the globe, including 135 of World Top 500 enterprises”, said WANG Xiaojuan, our vice president. Nowadays, our company’s domestic transport network covers 55 first-tier cities in 29 provinces, and our international transport network extends over 36 countries, while we have established subsidiaries in USA, Singapore and Hong Kong.

    As a local logistics enterprise cultivated in Kunshan, Feiliks has always adhered to its entrepreneurship of transcending the unlimited boundary, and striving to be the best, as well as its service philosophy of “Thinking More and Doing Better”. Soon after it was established, Feiliks mainly focused on the sea or airway transport of import and export goods. It has achieved fast growth due to the export-oriented economy of Kunshan. After the Kunshan Export Processing Zone was established, this company achieved a key transformation and upgrading. In 2011, Feiliks was successfully listed on Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Thanks to its development over years, Feiliks has formed a pattern with the core of its comprehensive logistics service system, supported by its advanced information integration system and counted on its extensive networks and layouts on the globe, and has thereby achieved excellent business performance in the field of logistics services for IT industry. So far, the company has set up some 40 or more subsidiaries worldwide, and managed a warehousing and storage area of nearly 350,000 square meters with a value of goods delivered into and shipped from its warehouses in excess of US$ 50 billion.

    In recent two years, Feiliks has furthermore explored a new channel of upgrading, which is to offer in-depth cooperation in terms of integrated supply chain management of electronic products. If we look at the service case of an Own Brand Vendor, it shall involve some 10 or more procedures varying from the ordering of clients, raw material procurement and milk-run to raw material warehousing, processing and production, and inspection of finished products, and ultimately to product distribution, after-sale services and R&D activities, wherein Feiliks is able to fulfill the contents of 6 procedures at least. In this way, the company has become an indispensable key integral part of own brand vendor supply chain.

    On October 21, the board of Feiliks decided to invest in and set up the Shanghai Feiliks Supply Chain Management Inc in an effort to improve its business layout, and optimize its business structure and products. Hence, the company has taken another key step towards the upgrading of integrated supply chain management.

    As indicated by Ms. WANG Xiaojuan, their corporate goal of development is to become an outstanding, professional modern logistics management company, where they would actively seek alliance with logistics service providers in an effort to create the Feiliks’ international logistics service system on one hand, and would take initiative to enter into cooperation with partners in Taiwan to plan the establishment of Kunshan Foreign Trade Comprehensive Trade Service Platform serving those small and medium-sized enterprises with investments from Taiwan, and count on such carriers as Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Kunshan In-depth Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone to build up the new pathway for Taiwan commodities to enter into the Mainland market on the other hand. By our correspondent LI Chuanyu.

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