• LUO Zhijun, Provincial Party Secretary Visited Feiliks for Investigation and Encouraged Our Company to Effectively Utilize the Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • On the afternoon of October 11, LUO Zhijun, the provincial party secretary and FAN Jinlong, the member and secretary general of the provincial CPC standing committee came to visit and inspect our company for investigation with the accompaniment of JIANG Hongkun, the member of the provincial CPC standing committee, and Suzhou municipal party secretary. Meanwhile, SHEN Liming, our board chairman, President YAO Qin, Vice-President WANG Xiaojuan and WANG Peifang accompanied these leaders in the whole process of this visit. On that occasion, president YAO Qin made an elaborate report to the provincial and municipal leaders on our company’s supply chain management services, including the positive supply chain management, namely other supply chain management services except such procedures as R&D, production and sales, and reverse supply chain management, namely the supply chain services in such procedures as testing, maintenance and spare part preparation. President YAO also reported that our company was currently taking active measures to establish a project in cooperation with our partners in Taiwan, namely building the Kunshan Comprehensive Trade Service Platform, and counting on such carriers as Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Kunshan In-depth Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone to build up a new pathway for Taiwan commodities to gain access to Mainland China market. After he learned about the operating model and plan for the subsequent development of our company, Secretary LUO Zhijun stressed that developing such production service industries as modern logistics can be of great significance to increase the competitiveness of manufacturing industries, so that enterprises shall take full advantage of Kunshan In-depth Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Pilot Zone as both a platform and a carrier.

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