• Logistics Technology Exhibition: Logistics, It’s Real!
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • On June 19, the 7th China International Logistics Technology & Services Expo Cum 2013 Suzhou-Taiwan Logistics Automation Expo was opened in Kunshan, where some 200 or more domestic and foreign enterprises attended the exhibition. This exhibition was held with the aim to promote the application of new science, new technologies and new equipment associated with logistics, intensify the merging and integration between logistics and manufacturing industries, improve the efficiency of supply chain logistics, motivate the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign logistics communities, and facilitate the better and faster development of China’s Logistics industry.

    This exhibition lasted for three (3) days, and during this event, there were a number of professional exhibition areas including the exhibition area of logistics with industrial (regional) features, exhibition area of foreign logistics, exhibition area of logistics equipment, international logistics exhibition area, logistics informatization exhibition area, express logistics exhibition area, commercial logistics exhibition area, university, college and scientific research institution exhibition area, and food material supply chain exhibition area, etc. During the exhibition, some most leading-edge new products, technologies and services, IOT, system solutions, automatic identification technology (AUTO-ID) and automated guided vehicle (AGV) were also presented in succession. As one of the representative modern logistics enterprises from Kunshan, Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Co., Ltd. also attended this exhibition.

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