• The First Merciful Salvation of Boddhicitta Charity Fund Helped Out People in Difficulty of Kunshan
  • 发布时间:2015-02-05
  • On August 23, Feiliks attended the 2013 Kunshan philanthropic education aid event in response to the invitation of Kunshan Charity Foundation. As one of the directional donation projects of our company’s boddhicitta charity fund, a sum of CN¥20,000 was appropriated this time by Charity Foundation on behalf of our company as a token of warmth and encouragement to those students who were in need of support badly. It is reported that such education aid events have been conducted in 16 consecutive years, where the aided objects vary from students from households subject to or on the brink of urban subsistence allowance program to those from households with low incomes. This time, Feiliks first attended such an event in the capacity of a guest directly.

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