• Feiliks Ranking Continuing to Rise in 2010 Top 100 Freight Agents
  • 发布时间:2012-10-17
  • The 2010 China Top 100 Freight Agent and Logistics Enterprises Selection was launched on June 11, co-held by China International Freight Agent Association and International Business Daily, and the result would be announced on September 1. Beginning in 2004, the event was held for the 7th consecutive year, playing an active role in leading enterprises to strengthen, expand, improve, specialize and improve market competitiveness. The Top 100 List has become an influential brand of industrial events.

    As the industry expands, the event transforms from a simple ranking of freight agent enterprises into a ranking of freight logistics enterprises. Since 2004 when Feiliks ranked 56th among Top 100, Feiliks has risen to 40th after seven years of efforts and transformation. Meanwhile, we also rank 27th among 2010 Top 100 Air Transport Freight Agents; 3rd among Top 100 Freight Agents and Logistics Enterprises, and 10th among Top 100 Privately-owned Freight Agents and Logistics Enterprises.

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