About Feiliks’ services

Adhering to the service philosophy of “thinking more, doing more”, Feiliks always focuses on customer needs and grows with the customer. Besides, we persevere in innovation and independently designing integrated supply chain management solutions that can bring more added values based on the growing custom needs of the customer, to lower logistics costs over the supply chain and transform our role as a demand satisfier into a demand guide.

Service philosophy

Think more, and do better

Service strategy

Bind improvement of service ability with corporate structure. Pass down, continue, uplift and advance services in three phases.

2008-2010 Serving customers well: Keeping satisfying customer demand.

2011-2013 Serving customers in all aspects: Transcending customer demand.

2014-2016 Growing with customers: Maximizing the customer’s values.

Service resources

With solid operating capability and infrastructure, as well as abundant supporting resources, the Company ensures sufficient resources for logistics services.

Outlets: The Company has outlets in Kunshan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Tianjin, Huai’an, and Taicang, and an extensive overseas agent system in 36 countries and regions.

Warehouse: Over 240,000 square meters of warehouses in nearly 10 cities nationwide

Vehicle: Over 800 vehicles

Top routes: Over ten top routes (for sea and air transport) in southeastern Asia, Europe and America

Operating capability: We have kept over 90,000 parts, delivered goods worth over $ 48 billion, and operated on over 50,000 orders every month.

Service synergy

To fulfill the commitment to after-sale services, Feiliks has established spare parts warehouses at different levels, such as central warehouses and regional warehouses. We provide warehousing, repair and distribution services to customers, and meet various international logistics needs through shipping agent and distribution services based on the top routes.

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